Our progressive transition to digital tools accelerated with the 2020 COVID-19 crisis. With our new division, Lead-Up Digital, we are now able to provide new tools and skills to:

  • Better advise our clients on the constantly changing digital environment
  • Help our clients deploy impactful digital strategies
  • Create high-quality digital experiences that guarantee successful events

Lead-Up Digital operates on four main axes:

Live streaming

Functionality before, during and after events

Lead-Up is fully equipped to create, organize and manage your virtual events. Closed meetings, symposia, congresses: all can be run as either hybrid events, mixing onsite and remote presentations and attendees, or as multiplex events, with all speakers and attendees remote.

Medical education platforms

Instant access to training and information

Lead-Up can develop a dedicated platform to host your virtual medical education activities.

  • A technical and cost-effective innovation for physicians
  • Easy to access
  • A “one stop shop” for information
  • Host live events with interactive capabilities
  • Adds value to your activities before, during and after events
  • Build up a media library and a historical archive

Virtual advisory boards

Going global with the best experts, anywhere

Our AdBoard platform was developed to manage a live or virtual advisory board before, during and after the meeting.

  • Preparation, with the option to open dialogue before the event
  • Document written insights from attendees
  • Assemble meeting highlights or minutes
  • Moderate live questions and chat during meetings
  • Prepare follow-up discussion and questions after meeting
  • Invite experts to provide additional information


Facilitating interaction with physicians

Optimize your conference investment by letting us provide a dedicated tool to help staff interact with physicians visiting your stand.

  • Create engagement and share news
  • Strengthen the image of your company and product
  • Facilitate follow-up
  • Capitalize on stand activities and events
  • Collect useful data to get to know your clients better
  • Measure performance

Other digital tools

A growing number of resources to support you